45 ACP - 200 Grain JHP - Winchester USA Ready Defense - 20 Rounds

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Is the 45 ACP good for self-defense? That depends on the ammunition. If it’s WWI military surplus that’s been stored in a latrine, it stinks. But if it’s Winchester USA Ready Defense, then it’s some of the very best on the market! This cartridge’s 200 grain jacketed hollow point comes out of the barrel hot – 1,000 fps, which is why it slams into a five-yard target with well over 400 ft lbs of energy. You’re advised to hit the threat with 220 to 300 ft lbs of energy, so you’re all set there. The JHP has a special tool to ensure that it can deliver reliable terminal expansion, even if it has to pass through thick clothing or some other barrier before accessing its target: the Hex-Vent. Sounds like something a witchy HVAC contractor would install in your house, but it’s actually a rigid polymer insert which prevents the nose cavity from filling with debris and losing its ability to initiate expansion. The bullet’s notched rim only further serves to ensure clockwork terminal ballistics. These cartridges feature extra reliable match grade Boxer primers, as well as smooth nickel-plated brass cases. They help a semi-automatic cycle more efficiently, and they ward off corrosion that could have caused a problem when you least want one.
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