6.5mm Creedmoor - 140 Grain ELD Match - Hornady - 20 Rounds

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Details Hornady's 6.5mm Creedmoor cartridge meets a revolutionary innovation in precision performance with these Extreme Long Distance (ELD) - Match rounds which will give you results out of your rifle like you've never seen before. The ELD - Match lineup uses an all-new Heat Shield polymer tip made from material that resists melting up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit while traveling downrange. Through study and testing using Doppler radar, Hornady learned that in-flight heat quickly overcomes the melting point of conventional polymers (350 degrees Fahrenheit) causes round deviation, drag, and lower ballistic coefficient performance. They set out to develop the heat resistant polymer tip in order to redefine precision rifle match ammunition. These ELD - Match rounds have an advantage over BTHP match ammo in that the polymer tip can be formed with a consistency and uniformity that isn't quite possible with copper. Every bullet has an AMP (Advanced Manufacturing Process) Jacket which ensures uniform thickness throughout the copper wall for unparalleled concentricity and accuracy. Hornady's tests on their own rifles and equipment has shown groups measuring 4 inches at 930 yards. In addition to the use of ELD - Match bullets, these cartridges feature casings that are specially selected for uniformity and measured quality, powder charges that are specially measured for the proper pressure in the 6.5mm Creedmoor caliber, and reliably igniting primers.
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