7.62x39 - 123 Grain FMJ - Belom - 480 Rounds

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Wayyyyyyyyyy back in 2015, Belom ammunition was founded in the beautiful country of Serbia. They quickly became an integral supplier to the Serbian military as well as a recognized name in the global ammunition market. Their 7.62x39 ammo is both nonmagnetic and reloadable! This cartridge has a 123 grain full metal jacket projectile. Notably, this bullet lacks a bimetal jacket. Its jacket is made of solid brass, and its lead alloy core is similarly steel-free. That makes this military-quality 7.62x39 safe and sound for indoor range use. This cartridge has a new production brass case. Belom only loads non-corrosive Boxer primers, thus presenting handloaders with the opportunity to make their own AK-47 rounds. Belom’s ammo is built to last. It is designed resist moisture infiltration and will not produce bubbles when submerged in water. This ammo’s double base propellant is also formulated to provide reliable ignition in temperatures ranging from -65.2 to 125.6 degrees.
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