7.62x39 - 123 Grain FMJ - Igman - 15 Rounds

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If you’re a big time AK-47 fan, then you’re probably used to the feeling of rejection that comes when you try to take steel-cased magnetic 7.62x39 to a picky commercial shooting range. That’s why Igman’s 7.62x39 is such a nice change of pace. This 0% steel cartridge is good for target practice anywhere! This round is made in Bosnia and Herzegovina by a company that was founded in 1950. Its 123 grain FMJ has a hard lead-antimony core, with a tombac jacket to even further immunize it against the kind of deformation which weakens shot groups. (Tombac is just a five dollar word for brass.) This bullet’s going to punch a big hole into any target be it paper or living, but it won’t back up its terminal performance with any expansion to speak of. Igman’s ammo offers even more value because it is reloadable! That’s right, the Eastern European manufacturer exclusively loads new brass cases with non-corrosive Boxer primers, which are sealed for added longevity in storage. You’ll definitely want more than one box of these beauts!
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