7.62x39 - 123 Grain FMJ - Igman - 840 Rounds

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Nonmagnetic. Noncorrosive. Reloadable. That’s Igman 7.62x39 ammo in a nutshell for you! This AK-47 ammo came all the way from the great nation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for one simple purpose: your target shooting pleasure! This cartridge is outfitted with the 7.62x39’s tried and true 123 grain full metal jacket projectile. We bill it as a target bullet for the simple reason that it cannot expand during penetration of soft tissue (but plenty of guys with names like Vlad, Ivan and Anatoly would attest to such a bullet’s efficacy during combat). Igman’s copper-zinc alloy jacket can’t engage a magnet, so you’re not in for a disappointment if you take this ammo to a range which bans magnetic loads. This ammo’s non-corroding Boxer primers are lined with a little sealant to lock moisture away from its clean-burning propellant. Those primers are seated in brand new brass cases, which makes this ammo an awesome investment if you finally want to try your hand at loading your own 7.62x39!
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