Browning King's Peak SF Headlamp 730 Lumens Black

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With up to 730 lumens or bright, adjustable beam lighting and a maximum 60 hour runtime, the King's Peak SF offers more than most headlamps on the market. Spot to flood technology makes this headlamp highly versatile, allowing you to adjust the style of beam from a tightly focused spot that expertly illuminates objects at distance to a wide, diffuse flood beam that lights-up a wider area closer to you. A rear-mounted battery pack increases lumens output and run times and distributes the extra weight to the rear of the headband. The overhead strap offers added security and stability to keep the beam on target when moving over rough terrain. Features: Spot to Flood rapidly adjusts between intense flood and precision long-distance beam focus by rotating the lens bezel Three brightness settings Adjustable double headstrap configuration can be sized to fit most users Rear-mounted battery pack Electronic lock-out mode helps prevent accidental activation Low battery indicator Last Light remembers the previous beam setting when the light is switched back on Quick Off instantly turns the light off without toggling through modes once the light has been on for three seconds SPECIFICATIONS Light Type Headlamp Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium Battery Count 3 Battery Run Time 2 hr CA Prop 65 1 Color Black
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