Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Powder Intelli-Dropper

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Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Powder Intelli-Dropper OVERVIEW The Frankford Arsenal platinum series powder intelli-dropper is one of the most advanced, intelligent and precise electronic powder measure on the market today. The Intellidropper features a proprietary powder calibration button for fast and accurate powder measurements. Auto and manual trickle capability with up to 250 grains of powder per throw. Holds more than 7,000gr (1lb) of powder and offers +/- 0.1 grain accuracy. Frankford Arsenal’s Intellidropper mobile app makes reloading your ammunition easier than ever. It’s designed, so you can spend more time loading and less time searching. This app works alongside the Intellidropper, storing your load recipes and data with the most intelligent and comprehensive technology of its kind. This user-friendly app neatly categorizes, organizes and stores your load recipes for quick accessibility. Its dual screen compatibility syncs with the Intellidropper and features state-of-the-art memory retention. This app also features a cost center-calculator. Just punch in the information and it will give you a detailed price list of how much each round cost to build. As software engineers continue to develop the app, there will be direct updates available for the Intellidropper and mobile app to expand its intellectual capacity and make overall improvements. Large back-lit LCD display with easy-to-see controls Stores load data in free downloadable app Self-optimizing powder calibration +/- 0.1 grain accuracy Features bluetooth capability The Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Powder Intelli-Dropper is a game-changer for reloaders seeking precision and efficiency. It offers accurate powder measurement with an easy-to-use interface, ensuring consistent charge weights for optimal reloading results. Ideal for serious reloaders who prioritize accuracy and speed in their reloading process. Elevate your reloading process with the Frankford Arsenal Intelli-Dropper’s self-optimizing powder calibration and Bluetooth capability. Buy yours now! SPECIFICATIONS CA Prop 65 1 Color Grey Scale or Measuring Type Powder Dispensing Brand Frankford Arsenal
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