Freeze Dried Fruit & Vegetable Bucket - Valley Food Storage

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These buckets contain a selection of our most popular freeze dried fruits & vegetables with a guaranteed 25 Year Shelf Life. THE BEST OPTION IN EMERGENCY FOOD Hearty and wholesome variety of breakfasts, entrees, and essential proteins for sustainable survival No wasted servings on plain white rice, sugary drink mix, or un-useful desserts Non-GMO ingredients with simple and recognizable ingredients 25-year shelf life when properly stored Heavy-duty and resealable mylar bags with oxygen absorbers Damage and water resistant stackable buckets for easy storage or transportation Easy to prepare - Just add boiling water, stir, and you're ready to eat Elite customer service from our U.S. based team Quality and satisfaction guarantee on every order Proud American small business with decades of experience THE TRUTH IS IN THE INGREDIENTS Valley Food Storage specializes in utilizing simple, recognizable, and non-gmo ingredients to provide you with a high-quality emergency food supply. The truth is in the ingredients labels:
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