Hatsan USA Escort BTS12, Semi-automatic, 12 Gauge, 18" Barrel, 5+1 Rounds

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Hatsan USA Escort BTS12 12-gauge Semi-automatic Shotgun Blending a bullpup design with shotshell versatility, the all-new BTS12 is the ultimate Tactical Shotgun for home defense and more. The bullpup design places the action and magazine BEHIND the trigger, offering a number of advantages over conventional shotguns. Bullpup shotguns can accommodate a longer barrel without adding unnecessary length, and they allow the user to hold the weapon closer to the body, which helps reduce fatigue. These advantages are especially useful in the BTS12. It has a full 18" barrel, but measures just 29" long overall. Most of the weight is close to your body for enhanced control. The barrel can also handle both shot and slugs, so you have a wide choice of compatible ammo. And with 3 included chokes, you can find the right pattern. The chokes are Remchoke compatible, so if you'd like to experiment with different chokes, you can. The carry handle is fully detachable, and houses both the adjustable rear and adjustable front sights. The BTS12 also includes set up flip-up sights you can use instead. Plus, a Picatinny rail can accommodate a red dot if you so desire. Versatility is the name of the game with the BTS12, so if you want options, look no further. 18" hard chrome-lined barrel can fire both shot and slugs Adjustable front and rear sight are integrated into the carry handle Carry handle is removable if you'd like to add an optic Reversible bolt cocking handle for ambidextrous operation Manual trigger safety Soft rubber butt pad for recoil absorption Fixed stock with elevation-adjustable comb Includes flip-up front and rear sights Includes cylinder bore choke brake, full choke, and improved cylinder Remchoke pattern chokes
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