Hodgdon Extreme Varget Rifle Powder 1 lbs

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Hodgdon Extreme Varget Rifle Powder 1 lbs OVERVIEW Hodgdon Varget rifle powder is the first revolutionary extruded propellant made with small grains that offer uniform and easy metering. This powder is also insensitive to both hot and cold temperatures and boasts higher energy that improves velocities compared to other fast-burning powders on the market. In addition, this clean-burning Hodgdon Varget rifle powder features easy ignition and outstanding accuracy that ensures higher scores for competitive shooters and one-shot kills for big game hunters. While the powder works with various cartridges, it is popular for heavy bullets and the .223 Remington. Hodgdon Varget Powder, available in a 1 lb container, is favored by reloaders for its exceptional consistency and versatility across various calibers. Ideal for precision shooting, this powder maintains performance across temperature extremes, making it a top choice for serious shooters and competitive reloaders. Elevate your shooting game with Hodgdon Varget rifle powder – the clean-burning, temperature-insensitive propellant. Buy yours now! SPECIFICATIONS CA Prop 65 1 Powder Shape Extruded Powder Size 1 lb Powder Type Rifle Brand Hodgdon Powder
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