6.5 Creedmoor - 140 Grain FMJBT - Magtech - 500 Rounds

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This 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge is the perfect way to assess a rifle’s potential and its shooter’s skill. Its 140 grain bullet has a balanced full metal jacket with a drag-reducing boat tail. We’ve calculated its G2 ballistic coefficient to sit at 0.252, giving it the ability to maintain a supersonic velocity well over 1,000 yards out. The FMJBT is an economical design as well, relatively speaking, so you’ll be able to zero in at different yardages and experiment to your heart’s content. This bullet doesn’t expand, although 140 grains of lead and copper slapping into a varmint at high velocity ought to be more than enough to get the job done! Magtech’s one of the biggest boys in the sandbox, with a massive production facility and decades of experience backing their work. This round’s brass is top quality, with the clean burning propellant and sensitive primer you should expect from such a big name in shooting. Order this case of ammo and get excited!
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