Duty Belt - 2" - Uncle Mike's - Black

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Next time you see a police officer out in public, walk up to him and take a close look at his belt. You will notice right away that it is not some flimsy thing he picked up for five bucks off a discount rack. Give the holster a good tug and observe how it stays firmly rooted to the officer. “Ha ha,” the cop will say at this point, “you are clearly a person who knows a good belt when you see one!” Be like a cop and invest in a rugged, sturdy duty belt that will keep your weapon exactly where you want it until you most need it. This fine gun belt by Uncle Mike’s features a strong double-layered 2” nylon outer shell, so scratches and punctures can hardly hurt it. Its buckle is made out of lightweight yet tough polymer, so you can count on it to stay clasped during your long excursions out into a dangerous world. Its molded foam interior is soft, yet the belt is still almost as rigid as any leather piece of equipment. You can even wear this gun belt over your regular belt – just thread it into its inner hooks and loops! Disclaimer: Do not actually touch police officers in the way described above. They hate that!
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