Holster - Outside the Waistband - Blackhawk - Sportster Standard Holster - Right Hand (Glock 20/21/37, S&W M&P 45/9

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It’s not called “everyday carry” because you leave your handgun at home sometimes. Make certain you’ve got the tool you need to defend your life always at the ready with the Sportster Standard Holster by Blackhawk! This holster is designed for Glock 20, 21, and 37 handguns, as well as the S&W M&P chambered for 45 ACP or 9mm. It is made of crush and impact-resistant injection molded polymer, so it and your preferred weapon will remain unscathed by years of concealed carry. The matte finish holster includes a SERPA belt loop, as well as the rugged paddle you need to anchor your weapon securely and comfortably outside of your waistband. The Sportster Standard Holster will keep your handgun right where you want it until the moment you need to draw quickly. Its pressure adjustable detent retention system grabs onto the pistol’s trigger guard, preventing it from shifting in place while simultaneously helping to prevent an accidental discharge. Lefties beware – this is a right-handed holster.
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