Standard Mfg SAA 45LC 4.75 Single Action

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Never before in history has an effort been put forth to produce the finest single action revolver. To start, this entire gun is made of solid 4140 steel; there are no inferior cast or metal injection molded parts used. No other maker of this type of gun can make such a claim. Additionally, the precision machining equipment used in the manufacture of our guns is the absolute finest in the industry and because the machining is done in-house, quality is carefully controlled. Even the very best parts are of little value without the hands and minds of experienced gunsmiths. The master gunsmiths here at Standard Manufacturing are versed in making iconic guns that include the Ansley H. Fox, Parker, and Model 21 double shotguns. Upon close inspection of our Single Action Revolver, you will immediately recognize that this gun is something very special. With its perfect fit between all of the parts to the hand polishing and stoning. From the deep blued finishes to the traditional bone and charcoal color case hardening on all of the metal surfaces.Even all of the screws are perfectly timed from north to south. Our Single Action Revolver is true to form, which is to say the man who designed this gun originally would immediately recognize it as his own, as would the legends of the Wild West. Specifications: Action Type: Single Action, with cone shaped firing pin and no transfer bar Caliber: .45 LC Capacity: 6 Barrel Length: 4 ¾” Hammer Type: Spurred and bone and charcoal color case hardened Grips: Two Piece Walnut Engraving: None Sights: Fixed Weight: 40 oz. (approx.) Finish: Frame is bone and charcoal color case hardened Barrel, cylinder, and metal parts are deep blued All screws and pins are fire blued.
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